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Villains and standards rant : U

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 24, 2014, 7:31 AM

Okay so in Jellyfish Princess a bitch called Inari drugs this idiot called Shū Koibuchi He is an idiot. He keeps falling for every trick just omg. and takes photos  of him to look like they had sex and black mail him. Now already people complain about the rape factor that NEVER HAPPENED but anyway, people complained that this show better not pair the two together because of this none existing rape event.

Personally? I say if Inari was a man seducing Shu and raped him. NO ONE WOULD COMPLAIN. If anything they would SHIP IT.
Yuri is also a guilty for this many Yaoi/Yuri has rape/forceful scenes but no one complains. There is like one or two but let me give you an example. A big example :U

"The tyrant falls in love"

Now this is where I don't get it, Tetsuhiro Morinaga literary RAPES Souichi Tatsumi. Emotionally scarring him for god knows how long and not only that  Tetsuhiro's literal obsession and need for sex goes to the point of BLACK MAIL. This guy is literally black mailing someone into a homosexual relationship, now some people JUSTIFY THIS.

"Oh well Souichi was in the closet and needed someone to get him out"

The fuck? No literally I got this argument once What the fuck? So rape is okay if the person is ASKING FOR IT? Since when was molesting someone OKAY?

So my point is why is fake rape wrong in a heterosexual situation, but legit rape in a homosexual situation is 'Romantic'?

The standards make no sense to me.

Also the one thing I don't really get is people complain Inari is to sexy and is making women look like blood sucking sluts. Erm, YEAH that's the archetype Inari is representing, a manipulating sexy woman who uses none lethal strategies to get what she wants. She is no way representing women if anything she's representing the total opposite since many people believe a way to make a good woman character is a drag of society who is a druggy and  can't do much.

This is just me realising how picky and weird some standards are.

But I will say one thing, Inari has completed her job as an ACTUAL VILLAIN. All these male villains that do bad shit? they literally get liked as people. Not as villains and this is why Inari is actually successful a villain is supposed to be hated. I enjoy Inari because of how much of a bitch she is, I don't like the things she does but this character is a total bitch. I love it.

And don't get me started on male villains that get arguments justifying their behaviour.

Hans from Frozen is also given the same treatment.

Yet people believe scar from the lion king is a sympathetic villain and we should hate Mufasa instead. :I


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so he unblocked me
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omfg really?
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yes, after insincere apology no. 2…
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Already saw OTL
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amazing Lullaby
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I totally would if me and my girlfriend ever adopt or have a child :U
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Zeo-Umren 1 day ago  Student General Artist
Requiem is back with yet another "insincere apology"   
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he "apologized." once and we all know how that went. :I  Lullz is at work So I thought I would bring it to your attention. 
Pieforberries2 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aaaand he broke the compromise. 

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