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Disney Villain Analysis - Aristo cats

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 22, 2014, 6:20 AM

So basically last night I drew some pictures for my spare account but also decided to watch a movie from disney (no surprise there) so instead of watching my favourites such as "beauty and the beast" "Lion king" and ect. I decided to watch one I hadn't seen in awhile.

As a kid I loved this, As an adult? I have more questions then likeability. Not saying the movie is god awful. I certainly don't like it as much as I did as a kid. The main characters besides the geese sisters and their uncle? Are boring to me. It is one of the few disney movies to feature a mother protagonist with her children. So that's new.

But I'm going to explain the main reason why I am not that invested.


The villain is really hard to hate. And not a likeable he's evil liking. But quite literally, I sat there and cheered this guy on. Not because the main characters like the cats deserved it but because of this bitch.

This woman has to be the main character I genuinely find despicable and selfish. 

She is the MAIN REASON for the plot to turn sour in the movie.

Sure one can argue that she didn't expect her own butler to get pissy over a inheritance that placed over the single human who is worth ANYTHING in her life to a bunch of felines who don't even know what money is.




Now don't get me wrong. I am not excusing Edger for wanting to murder innocent kittens and a feline however think of the possibility if HE was the first to gain the inheritance.

Edger was looking after this woman before any inheritance came into the plot and even then? he seemed content, he was professional, he was patient, he was polite. Infact you would never have guessed the villain was him until the plot basically said "He's a jerk now"

Can one take in the possibility that MAYBE just MAYBE, if she split the inheritance equally among them. Edger would be satisfied with a reward and would be OKAY with taking care of duchess and her kittens? Afterall he was doing it BEFORE with little to no complaints.

Hell there is no indication of him hating them until the money gets involved. And hell one can say he's a animal lover. Shocking? he talks and works with the horse alot, establishing he has some respect for the animals.

 But again this disappears when Edger yells.

"It's not Fair!"

And that's what this movie is. Unfairness.

He's the one who works his ass off and is there to support his noble lady every waking hour of his current life.

This is why the old lady? IS the villain.

She's a spiteful selfish old bitch who only cared for her cats (coughwhomEdgerfeedsandlooksafternother)

She sits around and does nothing. And then with a huge amount of animals and someone in her life her "family", one might think she'd split it evenly. However Nope Infact how would any of you like it if your parents pet snake got One hundred million pounds and you aren't even mentioned for a family heirloom.

It's just a tad insulting to the time Edger puts into his work.

On top of that.

He's constantly MOCKED.

And this was before the dog chase scene.

The kittens mock him constantly and even his own lady ship doesn't seem to give a shit when he's just been piggy back ride up a mansions flight of stairs.



"Might we take the elevator sir?"

"Nah bitch we can piggy ride up that shit"


"AH! My back! I think I need a ambulance! and my pants are falling down!"

"This is such a fun romantic scene am I right ya old fart? <3"


And lets not forget the ending scene.

"They're the start of my new foundation~"

"What foundation?"

"My home to all the alley cats in Paris"



One: Your mansion isn't going to hold all the millions of homeless cats in paris. Just to let you know. It's just common knowledge.

Two: This plan isn't going to work. Since THERE IS NO SUCCESSOR TO THIS FOUNDATION! Edger's GONE. Who's she going to give it too?! her family?! WHAT FAMILY?! They wasn't mentioned in the inheritance and even if they did exist! Why the fuck is she giving a mansion home with it's own fucking horse barn and elevator to a bunch of CATS and not her own flesh and blood?! 

Third: People have given their inheritance to their pets before. Usually without a human successor to write a fucking will. It just goes to the government. 

And on top of that Edger is in timbuktu with only the clothes on his back.

Good ending?

Over all. I don't feel Edger was the real villain. If you guys disagree just know I do believe drowning cats is wrong. I am no disagreeing with that but if that's his only crime. Then he isn't that strong of a villain.


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